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The innovative combination of raw material and high-tech processing offers Dermasilk therapeutic clothing unique features:

  It is soft and does not irritate the skin. The long, extremely smooth and soft thread prevents friction and irritation while performing a beneficial micro-massage on the skin.

  It is cool and lets the skin really breathe. The thread used and its special weaving process offer free ventilation so that the skin is kept cool and dry by controlling sweating.

  Favors the right balance of hydrolipids by offering emollient and soothing action. Thanks to its excellent hygroscopic action, Dermasilk therapeutic clothing absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture without leaving the feeling of liquid. It quickly eliminates excess moisture even in heavy sweating and leaves the skin dry and hydrated thanks to the natural moisture reserve retained in the fibers.

  Reduces intense sweating that dries the skin. Silk is a fiber of animal origin and can maintain body temperature even in conditions of excessive humidity. Synthetic and plant-based fabrics do not have the ability to thermoregulate because the sweat produced does not cool, which causes more sweating. Dermasilk technology products break the vicious cycle of sweating - increase in temperature - sweating and prevent dry skin.

  It is completely natural and pure. Dermasilk clothes are made of 100% pure silk fiber without a trace of sericin, a substance contained in silk and causes allergies. Chlorine, dyes or other skin irritants are not used in their treatment.


  Prevents and suppresses bacterial and fungal infections of the skin without altering the normal flora thanks to the continuous antimicrobial action, patented technology.

Thanks to its features, DermaSilk reduces itching and inflammation in a short period of time, so that it is an essential help in the treatment of many skin diseases and ailments.

Some items in the hosiery line (i.e. socks/tights) are available in colors other than natural white (black/gray/beige). They are dyed on the yarn, ensuring zero color loss during washing, as well as the avoidance of any kind of skin irritation from possible color escape.

The choice of underwear is important for people with recurrent dermatitis and fungal infections and for people with sensitive skin.

In these cases, direct skin contact with wool or synthetic fibers can be harmful. These fabrics have a low ability to ventilate and retain moisture, which promotes the growth of germs and fungi ("athlete's foot", flaking, dandruff, etc.)


The Antimicrobial

DermaSilk® therapeutic clothes are treated with a permanent antimicrobial that strengthens the knitted items of pure silk, exercising an effective control of inflammations, as well as bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes, without altering their natural texture (technology protected and patented).

Conventional antimicrobials (Triclosan, silver ions, etc.) release chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. Instead, the active principle with which DermaSilk is processed is the only one that acts from direct contact, without releasing any toxic substances, fully respecting human health and the environment. This antimicrobial acts by a physico-mechanical mechanism. The active principle, which is permanently located in the silk fiber, attracts the negatively charged microorganisms thanks to its positive charge, thus destroying the membrane of their cells.

Previously, the proposal was to use cotton underwear. Recent studies, however, have shown that cotton fibers, which are shorter, can irritate the skin, especially when wet. Cotton has a lower ability to absorb moisture and when it swells it causes friction and irritation of the skin. Dermasilk clothes are the exclusive solution for sensitive skin and in all pathological conditions.


Below are the differences between the DermaSilk knitted silk and a top quality cotton shirt. Photos are magnified 75 times.


Dermasilk sample

Cotton sample


The silk fiber used in Dermasilk therapeutic clothes has similar characteristics to human hair. It has a length of up to 900 meters, it is completely smooth thus preventing friction and irritation. Dermasilk clothing is neutral and non-irritating and is used like surgical suture in direct contact with injured skin.

Cotton yarns are made up of millions of short fibers that are all woven together. Each fiber absorbs moisture, expanding and contracting in a characteristic spiral motion (like a corkscrew). This constant movement can irritate and scratch the skin that is already sensitive, contributing to the beginning of a vicious cycle of "sweating - scratching - sweating".

DermaSilk knitted silk garments are high-breathability and absorb at least 30% of their weight in moisture while remaining dry.

They regulate body temperature: They are able to reach body temperature quickly and keep it constant. This feature is very important as it helps to reduce excessive sweating which is characteristic of many skin diseases, thus protecting against fluid loss, which would aggravate dry skin.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a fiber and has no ability to regulate body temperature. It can absorb only up to 10% of its weight in moisture and, when the sweat begins to cool, the skin temperature decreases. Thus the body is forced to react by raising its temperature causing further sweating and new fluid loss.