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Can I wear these underwear all the time?

These underwear can be used continuously like your normal underwear, there is no side effect or interaction with other preparations, all you have to be careful is that they can not be used in parallel when using a cream because they lose their functionality as they do not touch the skin so they can not work. Also, some creams have substances that destroy silk, so you should pay special attention to their use at the same time as Dermasilk underwear. We recommend the remote use of underwear from the placement of any form of cream.

Is there anything I should be careful about when using underwear?

When there is a serious or non-serious illness, Dermasilk underwear is not a substitute for any treatment. Their use can facilitate many forms of treatment but does not replace any of them. Tell your doctor if you want to use Dermasilk underwear and he will give you instructions. In any case, we are at your disposal or that of your doctor, for any further information on the phones of the company.

From what age can I use Dermasilk underwear on my child?

There are no restrictions or anything to watch out for. The beneficial properties of underwear apply to all ages.

For which dermatological diseases do you recommend the use of Dermasilk underwear?

Your doctor is the only one who can tell you where and how you can use Dermasilk underwear and enjoy its beneficial properties. From the same use in our company, these underwear gave amazing results in cases of atopic dermatitis in children and adults, eczema, fungal infections and much more. Please refer to the technical specifications and scientific studies for more information but in any case, our company recommends: A visit to a dermatologist or similar specialist to be the first treatment in case of any suspicion or discomfort in your skin.

How can I get Dermasilk underwear?

By phone order in our store or by online order in our online store.

Is there a warranty that covers Dermasilk underwear?

The controls on our products are very strict. Dermasilk underwear is covered by replacement warranties, if you find a defect or something you do not like about their quality. Also, in case you are not satisfied with the use of underwear in your condition, our company will refund your money within twenty days.

How many days does it take to get Dermasilk products?

Orders are usually placed on the same day, so you will receive your order the next business day except Saturday at no extra charge. Shipping costs are covered by our company. However, in case you wish to receive your order on Saturday, this is done with a small financial burden. In some cases, the courier companies we work with need more than a day to access remote areas, in any case you will be informed about the delivery time by phone or e-mail.

In which areas of Greece do you deliver Dermasilk underwear?

In all areas of Greece within the reach of courier companies or postal services.